Library Promo Practice

For this assignment, I made up a school library program (a twist on the new trend of blind dates with books…) and made a short video to publicize it. Once I was able to get over how odd my face looks on the screen, I actually managed to enjoy the process. Forgive the complete lack of editing. That will be the next trick for me to learn…



February 20, 2013 · 3:12 pm

8 responses to “Library Promo Practice

  1. Milly, you look so natural in front of the camera! I think you did a great job of being positive and upbeat, and you really sound like you’re just talking to the kids, not like you memorized a script. I also loved how you adapted the book blind date idea-putting them into heart-shaped mystery boxes is a cute twist! Awesome job.

  2. Milly, I really enjoyed your video! I liked you Valentine’s day theme, as well as putting surprise books in the heart, and acknowledging that there are books for everyone.
    –Lisa U.

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  4. Caleb Heslop

    I too liked the mystery box. I thought it creatively genius. I know that would have gotten my interest when I was in school and that took some doing back then. Great job.

  5. I thought you did a great job with this! I agree with Alison that you look so comfortable in front of the camera! You knew your script (if you had one) and you didn’t trip over your words. You made the promo interesting and engaging because the students will want to find out what book they get for a Valentine! I really like this idea and I even want to try it out myself! Again great job with this and I hope you had fun with it!

  6. Marilyn Arnone

    Milly, I think you look terrific on camera. I think we are all a bit self-deprecating when it comes to seeing ourselves on camera. Like Alison said, you look very natural and not like you’re reading a script. The script was definitely attention-grabbing and the whole package was really good!

  7. Thanks to all of your for your kind comments. Although I never would have chosen on my own volition to create and share a video like this, I’m so glad to have done it. The supportive environment of this class makes it more comfortable for me to try out content creation rather than just lurking around social media, which is my natural inclination. I know this comfort level will improve my work in school libraries. So thanks again.

    And if any of you want to actually create mystery book valentines in a future library, go for it! I’ll be stealing all of your ideas in return. 🙂

  8. I love it!! You really built up some mystery about the books and I like how you pointed out that they won’t all be romantic books.

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