The end of the road, the start of the road…

It has been a while since I posted here. For the last two semesters, I’ve been so busy with class discussions and final projects (not to mention EdTPA!) that my blog has fallen by the wayside. Now that I’ve officially graduated and have my MSLIS in hand, I can finally take a moment to reflect on all that I have learned.

I’d say that graduate school overall was quite a balancing act… balancing school and family, balancing new learning with past experience, and balancing the convenience of distance education with the need for meaningful connections with classmates. I know that I didn’t always strike that balance gracefully. My children are certainly glad that I won’t spend any more weekends hidden away with the computer having “conversations” with distant classmates. I am, however, content with the balance between my new learning and my past educational experience. It’s been incredibly helpful to be able to view new information through the lens of my past teaching experience. This has given me a firm grounding in the realities of the classroom, and how best practice for teacher librarians lines up with my own strengths and values. I feel as if my library-specific training and my prior professional experiences have melded together to create quite a thorough education.

This morning I sent off the first of many applications for library jobs, and I am excited to be heading into this next stage. Wish me luck. And I’ll keep you posted.

Farewell to Syracuse friends. Let’s keep in touch…

Graduation day!

Graduation day!


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